Kentucky Clean Pressure Washing

We specialize in all areas of exterior cleaning and restoration, from low pressure residential house and deck washing to high power commercial exterior washing.


Kentucky Clean Pressure Washing is a locally owned, premier pressure washing company located in Lexington, Kentucky. We provide high quality pressure washing and sealing services in Lexington, Georgetown, and the greater surrounding areas. Our professionals have years of experience to ensure that all jobs are completed professionally and in a timely manner.


Take a Look at What We Do!


Kentucky Clean Pressure Washing offers a wide variety of pressure washing and sealing services in order to properly restore all types of residential and commercial properties. 

Our services include but are not limited to the following...

  • Wood (Decks, fences, railings).

  • Concrete (Driveways, sidewalks, curbs).

  • Brick (Houses, patios, etc.)

  • Stone (Walkways, outdoor décor).

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Gutters, graffiti removal and more!


Why Do You Need to Call a Professional Service?

Calling a professional for what may seem like a DIY job can be the difference between spending a small amount of money and no time versus spending a lot of money to fix hours of an unprofessional job gone wrong.

Our professionals have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of pressure washing and sealing many different types of surfaces.

Our professionals have commercial-grade equipment that ensures they are prepared to do any job properly and to the highest standard.

Our professionals are exactly that, professionals! No one wants an inexperienced individual doing damage to their property. Anyone can buy a low-end pressure washer and call themselves a businessman; be cautious and look for businesses who stand by their extraordinary work and reputation.

Properties need regular maintenance and restoration to uphold their quality and value. Often, homes and businesses are neglected for too long and severe damage is done. Our professionals can assist you in knowing what your property needs.



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